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Zormot was created in 1992 by founders Roz and Tom Kerkstra who realized from their years in the transportation industry that their innovative idea was a perfect solution to protect all sorts of machinery and manufactured equipment during transportation or storage. It was obvious to them that the manufacturers of machinery and equipment took pride in what they produced and they knew it was important that the valuable product be delivered clean, damage free and the process had to be cost effective. Zormot and the Zor-Pac System were created.

The key part of their business plan included a total emphasis on customer service, that is why they adpopted the phrase "Customer Service Is Not Just a Slogan, It's What We Do." That commitment to service includes full assistance to customer needs, same day shipping, 100% order fulfillment and offering only premium products.

Zormot is also proud to be part of the community, promoting wise stewardship of our talents and resources. Know that your business with Zormot gratefully involves local, national, and faith-based organizations to supporting the community at large, helping and improving lives. We promote universal values to all walks of life, backgrounds, and faiths.


Zormot International Is Proud To Give Back To The Community







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