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Industrial / Manufacturing

Industrial/ Manufacturing Shrink Wrap

The Best Solution

The best solution for those who manufacture a wide variety of products in different sizes and shapes that need to be stored and/or transported without damage is our shrink wrap. We supply only 100% virgin resin shrink wrap featuring the maximum UV inhibitors to ensure long-term usage and excellent protection.

We Have You Covered

We stock a complete line of Made-in-America shrink wrap products capable of wrapping almost any size object. Our premium in-stock sizes of shrink wrap are available up to 50 feet wide with 6 to 10 MIL in thickness which will cover your next transport or storage need.

Don’t see a size that would work for you? Contact us to discuss a custom size shrink wrap.

28 Item(s)

  1. Premium Shrink Film - 20' X 150' 6 MIL WHITE/CLEAR

  2. Shrink Film - 20' x 89' 7 MIL WHITE/BLUE

  3. Premium Shrink Film - 20' X 150' 7 MIL WHITE/CLEAR/GREEN

  4. Premium Shrink Film - 20' X 298' 7 MIL WHITE/BLUE

  5. Shrink film - 32' x 186' 7 MIL WHITE/BLUE

  6. Premium Shrink Film - 20' X 150' 8 MIL WHITE/BLUE/CLEAR/GREEN

  7. Premium Shrink Film - 30' X 110' 8 MIL WHITE/BLUE

  8. Premium Shrink Film - 40' X 100' 8 MIL WHITE/BLUE/CLEAR

  9. Shrink film - 60' x 100' 10 MIL WHITE

    NOTICE: Fork extensions will be necessary when unloading with a forklift due to the weight and length of this roll. Due to the size of the roll, it is not boxed. Learn More

28 Item(s)

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