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Marine/Recreation Shrink Wrap

The Best Solution

If you store your boat or RV outdoors for the off-season there are various ways to help protect your investment. You could just leave your boat/RV cover on it but if you’re in snow country, the snow and accumulating ice will probably destroy your cover just before it moves on to wreck your boat or RV. If you’re in a climate that has sun beating down on your boat/RV for extended hours of the day, the UV will do damage on both your exterior (and interior of your boat), leaving you to make major repairs for the boating and RV season. While some tarps found at the big box stores are relatively water resistant, most aren’t waterproof and don’t do much more than your cover. Your other option is to shrink wrap your boat or RV, sealing it against the ravages of winter weather while allowing for sufficient air flow to keep mold and mildew from forming to create a white carpet of a new life form on your boat/RV.

We Have You Covered

We stock several sizes and thicknesses of shrink wrap for your boat and RV. The shrink wrap comes in white, blue or clear, 12’ to 50’ and in 6 or 7 MIL thickness. If you live in northern climates, blue shrink wrap absorbs heat and allows snow and ice to fall from the shrink wrap. For southern climates, white shrink wrap reflects heat and keeps covered boats/RVs cooler. Clear shrink wrap should only be used on boats/RVs during the winter months. If you use clear shrink wrap, always over ventilate. Also, if you’re showing boats/RVs or working on them outdoors, white should be the color of choice. It provides excellent shadow-free lighting and perfect color rendition.

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  1. Shrink Film - 12' X 175' 6 MIL WHITE

    Regular Price: $142.50

    Special Price $118.00

  2. Shrink Film - 14' X 150' 6 MIL BLUE

    Regular Price: $142.50

    Special Price $113.88

  3. Premium Shrink Film - 20' X 150' 6 MIL WHITE/CLEAR

  4. Shrink Film - 14' x 128' 7 MIL WHITE

    Regular Price: $145.00

    Special Price $114.26

  5. Shrink Film - 17' x 350' 7 MIL BLUE

    Regular Price: $450.00

    Special Price $272.00

  6. Shrink Film - 20' x 89' 7 MIL WHITE/BLUE

  7. Premium Shrink Film - 20' X 150' 7 MIL WHITE/CLEAR/GREEN

  8. Premium Shrink Film - 20' X 298' 7 MIL WHITE/BLUE

  9. Shrink film - 32' x 186' 7 MIL WHITE/BLUE

  10. Shrink film - 60' x 100' 10 MIL WHITE

    NOTICE: Fork extensions will be necessary when unloading with a forklift due to the weight and length of this roll. Learn More

25 Item(s)

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