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Karla Haveman

Karla Haveman has been with the company since 1996.  Her ability to follow through and her keen eye for detail is one of the chief reasons our orders are correct and delivered on time.

Karla started out cleaning the office then went to making bags and work
ing in the warehouse. She made the transition into the office about 2 years ago and has taken this position to a new level. Karla does a wide range of tasks around the office such as answering the phone (you've probably talked to her), processing orders, filing, customer service, etc, etc, and she still works in the warehouse when needed.  I’d say she’s fairly diverse.   
Outside of work, Karla enjoys spending time with her husband and family, which includes a beautiful new granddaughter. She also has two dogs that like to protect their home and the family (big dog mentality in little dog body as they say). Karla loves spending time outside...enjoying bonfires, riding quads and just relaxing with her neighbors.