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Roz Kerkstra


Roz continues to be the driving force behind the Zormot philosophy and loves to talk to anyone who needs her expert advice on shrink wrapping.

Rosalin Kerkstra, “Roz”, is one of the original owners of Zormot International Inc (the ZOR part of Zormot). How did it all start?  Well, probably not like you’d expect.  It all started in the recovery room at Spectrum Health after Tom went through 4 way by-pass surgery. He had always wanted to start a business and then and there he decided that life was very short and what are we waiting for... it wasn’t a burning bush, but was a sign from God.

It began 24 years ago in a “pink” spare bedroom and a garage. During this period of startup, Roz worked as a national sales director for a bio-tech company and traveled extensively. This allowed Tom (the “mot” part of Zormot) the free time and energy it took to maintain a full time job as a sales manager in heavy haul trucking and to start working on the finite detail of a new business: Zormot was born.  

Zormot quickly develop into a niche market with a solid customer base. Due to the welcomed growth, Roz came on board bringing her sales and accounting background. She started by answering phones, taking orders, and all of the many jobs it took to run a small business. After a period of time she moved into sales with Tom. As some of our customers know, they always had a great time and enjoyed what it took to achieve the common goal.

Roz attributes Zormot's success to the friends and the Zormot family that supported us through it all. As the relationships blossomed, today there are many customers that we truly refer to as our friends and are even as close as family. As of the writing of this personal piece we are still being blessed with great success and are looking forward to serving our customers for many years to come; we won’t mind making more close friends in the process.

Today, in addition to still running Zormot, Roz volunteers, and supports children’s camps and other events that further the work of the Lord and her faith. She also spends quality time with her 5 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. They range in age from 23 to 5. The five year old is the granddaughter. What fun!

Her hobbies include white water rafting, zip lining, planting gardens, making stone walls, car clubs (MG and Mustang), and cooking… and cooking and cooking, which we all very much appreciate. Yum!  

Roz’s personal message to everyone: “The real moral to the story is, even in this trying time, dreams can be obtained with a lot of hard work, determination, drive, common sense and a desire to make a difference. Be blessed and happy in everything you choose to do. Remember when the story of your life is being written; make sure you’re the one holding the pen. You only get one chance.”  She knows it, she lives it… it’s hard to argue with that!

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