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Terri Zeeff 


Terri has an extensive business background which includes years of management, accounting, customer service and business owner that will be a great asset to the company. She loves interacting with our customers and sometimes you can't get her off the phone. Her business background is helping us reach the next stage of the company.

We are finding hidden talents in Terri and are using them to our benefit. She is not only responsible for purchasing, accounts, new business, marketing and social media but is also back-up for Karla and Jeff. She is being thrown into every aspect of the business and loving it!

When Terri isn't jet-setting to Paris or other parts of the world with her family, she is sitting by a campfire with her family and friends, lounging on the beach reading a good book, heading up some committee or trying a (somewhat) adventurous activity that she hasn't done before. Because she doesn't feel she is busy enough, Terri is an event coordinator for her church, school and corporate functions in which she has done for years and shows no signs of slowing down. She definitely is ambitious and has a lot of energy which we thoroughly enjoy!