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"Celebrating over 25 years of providing excellent service to our customers"

Zormot was created in 1992 by founders Roz & Tom Kerkstra who realized from their years in the transportation industry that their innovative idea was a perfect solution to protect all sorts of machinery and manufactured equipment during transportation or storage.
Over the years Zormot has become an industry leader in the global shrink wrap market providing premium products, personal and professional customer service, same day shipping and experience in shrink wrap applications. We are a full service supplier of shrink wrap and accessories that meet needs of all our current and future customers. 
We are the only shrink wrap supplier that makes large custom bags to a customer’s specifications. We strive to have the best solutions for our customer’s shrink wrap needs without worry of costs, deadlines or guesswork.
All our products have been and are used all over the world in the industrial, agriculture, marine, automotive and defense industries. 
Zormot is proud to be part of the community, promoting wise stewardship of our talents and resources. Know that your business with us gratefully involves local, national and faith-based organizations to support the community at large, helping and improving lives. We promote values universal to all walks of life, backgrounds and faiths.
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