24 Years in the Making

It’s been 24 years since Tom and Roz started their business in a “pink” bedroom. They had dreams of developing a successful business as did thousands of others back then but the difference in their dream was their love and commitment to each other and dedication to providing a superior product without giving up their faith in doing the right thing to supply their customers with excellent service.

From day one, they worked as a team to build “Zormot” to be a business that they could be proud of and established strong relationships with all their customers. Their perseverance was one that helped them grow throughout the years. It was refreshing to customers to see their commitment to the customer’s own success. You didn’t find that to be true in many businesses. It seemed many were out just for their own success. Not Tom and Roz. They spent many hours on the road showing companies how they can be more successful with the use of….wait for it…shrink film! Imagine that! When they went into a business to show how the company could benefit in many ways of cost savings, it was the “team” of Tom and Roz that really did shine through. The thing is….they really enjoyed it and it showed. How many people can say they actually love their job especially putting in the time and commitment needed to be successful?

Fast forward 24 years. A lot has happened. Tom has since passed away. But in his absence Roz has become stronger, more committed and is determined to live life as it was 24 years ago running a business. She has the same commitment and dedication.  She believes in her products, her company, her employees and her customers. I have never met a woman so dedicated to her family, business and community. She has built a very successful business from a “pink” bedroom. Everyone she meets sees what it means to become a truly successful woman in the business world along with her commitment to her family and friends. She definitely walks the walk and talks the talk.

Roz has always been dedicated to making Zormot what its motto is, “Customer service is not just a slogan, it’s what we do” but now she is making it more apparent than ever. Roz has a vision for Zormot which will bring it to a new level. Hold on….it’s going to be an exciting ride!