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Export Packaging Material

Export Packaging Materials

The Best Solution

When you need to ship any type of equipment overseas you will need to make sure it is contained in a controlled, dry, neutral interior atmosphere. VCI film along with exporting packaging materials will be needed to obtain the right atmosphere to get your package to its destination in the same condition as it left your facility or dock.

We Have You Covered

We stock all the export shipping materials needed to ship internationally. Our materials will provide rust and corrosion protection, reduce your shipping budget, decrease man hours and minimize lumber cost. If you’re not sure what you need for export materials, contact one of our shipping specialists and they will recommend the right products to ship your package.

6 Item(s)

  1. VCI Paper - 6' x 600'

  2. 8408 Corrosion Inhibitor - 5 Gallon

  3. 8408 Corrosion Inhibitor - 55 Gallon

  4. Desiccant - 16 Unit - Single Bag


6 Item(s)

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