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Custom Bags

Custom Bags

We are the only shrink wrap supplier in the county that makes very large custom bags. 

The Best Solution

When you or your company needs a very large cover for some type of equipment or product that is going to be stored outdoors long-term or shipped domestically or internationally, what do you do? Tarping on object very large is not very efficient, nor will it fully protect your equipment or product from weather or road damage.  You will also need several tarps to cover an object that large and that can become very costly. Custom bags are the best solution for very large equipment/products that are too large for an extruded bag. They are made specifically to the dimensions of the object therefore are cost effective, easy to handle, and will fully protect it once it is heat shrink wrapped.

We Have You Covered

Our shrink wrap specialists have years of experience making custom bags tailored to the specifications of the object(s) that is going to be stored or shipped. We work very closely with you to insure what you are shipping or storing will be protected in the right mil thickness, the correct dimensions and color for your application. Contact us with your custom bag specifications and we will set up your dimensions, help you with your budget and give you a timeline to completion.

We also have several in-stock custom VCI and shrink wrap bags available.

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5 Item(s)

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