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VCI Film

VCI Shrink Wrap

 The Best Solution

VCI premium shrink wrap is designed to inhibit rust and corrosion. This product eliminates the need for vacuum packaging and dehumidification. Our VCI shrink wrap is a translucent green tint, allowing visual inspection of parts and/or identification numbers. It contains a non-toxic blend of proprietary chemicals. When metals are wrapped or packaged in our VCI shrink wrap these ingredients have sufficient vapor pressure to coat the metal surface with a microscopic layer of VCI molecules, which prevent the electrolyte from forming and prevents rust and corrosion. The protective layer serves as a barrier preventing moisture, rust, salt, dirt and oxygen from forming on the part. The corrosion inhibitors are extruded right into the polyethylene film. As a result, the vapor and contact inhibitors provide long-term protection for the most hard to reach surfaces. The corrosion protection is clean, non-discernible, with no strong odor and provides a controlled, neutral environment within the surrounding atmosphere.

We Have Your Covered

We stock various sizes and thicknesses in our VCI shrink wrap that will insure you will be able to wrap, store and/or ship any size machinery or equipment. Our sizes range from 9’ to 24’ and the thicknesses of 6 and 7 MIL. We also carry a wide selection of Export Shipping Materials to add to the protection of your equipment when doing any long term storage or export shipping. 

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  1. Shrink Film - 24' x 248' 7 MIL WHITE

    Regular Price: $450.00

    Special Price $351.00

  2. Shrink Film - 28' x 213' 7 MIL WHITE

    Regular Price: $450.00

    Special Price $351.00

  3. Shrink Film - 20' x 100' 6 MIL WHITE

    Regular Price: $142.50

    Special Price $136.28

7 Item(s)

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