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Shrinkfast 998 Gun & Accessories

Shrinkfast Model 998 Heat Tool & Accessories

The Best Solution

With the UL® approved model 998, users can heat shrink film around pallets and odd-shaped products for shipping and storage purposes. Combine the (2', 4', or 6') modular extension system with the 998 and you now have the most versatile solution when applying shrink film at marinas and construction sites for winterization and containment purposes.

We Have You Covered

We stock the Shrinkfast Model 998 as a kit or heat tool only for your convenience. If you find you need any Shrinkfast accressories or parts for the 998, we have what you are looking for in stock and ready to ship to you.


9 Item(s)

  1. Shrinkfast Model 998 Heat Tool Kit

  2. Shrinkfast Model 998 2' Extension

  3. Shrinkfast Model 998 4' Extension

  4. Shrinkfast Model 998 6' Extension

  5. 50' Hose Assembly for Heat Tool

  6. Shrinkfast Model 998 Arm Assist


9 Item(s)

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